From Single Mom to Mother of 11: Russian Billionaire’s Surrogacy Journey in Georgia ‎

A 23-year-old Russian woman named Christina resides in Batumi, Georgia, along with her 56-year-old billionaire husband, Galip, and their eldest child, Vika. Despite the age gap of six years between them, the couple decided to expand their family further. Driven by the desire to have more children, Christina opted for surrogacy and engaged the services of nine surrogates, each receiving £7,000, to carry their 10 biological children. This unconventional decision was rooted in the belief that it was the perfect time to grow their family.

In a candid interview with “Closer” magazine, the 11-child mother shared her perspective on having a large family. She expressed a fondness for the idea of having many children of the same age growing up together. The use of surrogacy, according to Christina, was a strategic choice to ensure that all the children would be born around the same time while maintaining a genetic connection to the couple.

Christina dismissed any sense of loss associated with not personally giving birth to each child, emphasizing that she had already experienced the joy of childbirth with her eldest. She asserted that she and Galip were fully committed and emotionally invested in each pregnancy, despite not physically carrying the children themselves. The decision to employ surrogates, for her, did not diminish the emotional or familial connection.

Addressing concerns about the potential detachment from the birthing process, Christina argued that not holding the children during their infancy contributed to her overall health. This, she claimed, enabled her to be adequately prepared and in good health to care for the newborns when they were born in March 2020.

The story of Christina and Galip challenges conventional notions of family planning, showcasing a unique approach to building a large and closely-knit family through surrogacy. While their decision may raise eyebrows, it highlights the diversity of family dynamics and the various paths individuals may choose to embark on in their pursuit of parenthood.

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