(Video) “Laughing Through the Weekend: Hilarious Moments with Cute Babies”

Come in here.

What is so funny.

Thank you, Mama, Mama.

Um, oh, he didn’t like that.

Do you not like a cow?

That’s wrong.

Say hi, cute baby, thank you, ready, ready, what are you doing?

Monkey S, Ella, are you so strong?

How strong are you?

How strong are you stay?

Uh- Oh, I love you.

Look at the snow.

I gotta find something there for Nellie’s.

Yeah, serious face, oh my God, good job, good job, you got you got a 70.00, so she doesn’t see they stink, do they stink S?

That’s why I do these things.

I don’t want this hat, I don’t want the freaking have in this hot summer day.

Yeah, You got him.

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