(Video) Reaction of foreign children when meeting new born baby – Adorable babies

Oh, my goodness, mercy there’s.

He’s here.

How many fingers did he have?

Two fingers? is that the? is that the cutest baby brother ever?

No, are you give her.

You’re giving her a hug.

Are you giving melody a hug?

Give her kisses, give her kisses.

You know you’re so sweet, mommy’s cute, cute touch, mister, very gentle, Abc, next time won’t you sing with me?

Wait, Jamie, give another kiss.

It’s me.

Do you like her?

Yeah, What’s her name?

No, don’t squeeze her toes, squeeze her.

Let me take her.

Don’t squeeze her.

I’m gonna hold her right here, grace, and you need to eat, does she baby?

Oh, that’s my baby.

Give me my baby in my baby baby, that’s my baby you done with.

Okay, careful, this is very, very gentle.

Oh, brother, Oh, we’ll give kiss.

Pick up our baby.

Better, my baby brother.

Yeah, She’s not a doll, she’s real.

Look at her doll, the baby doll, she’s not a dollar.

Thirty feet, can’t, baby doll?

She’s real, just like you mean.

Okay, Okay, you get dirty boots.

You felt something you gonna get where I kiss, gentle, don’t wait, she’s your sister.

She’s your sister, just like your brother’s gonna sleep over your house forever.

Yeah, You know that he’s gonna sleep over your house forever, forever and ever you love that.

Yeah, You will only go home.

Do you love your brother?

Thank you, who’s that?

Is it the baby?

Say your baby.

Hey, dude, ever, lady, she came out of mommy’s tummy.


You wanna go back, let’s go back to the room.


Yeah, you want to go with us all right.

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